Lindsey Arventos, Director of Client Services and Licensed Sales

Lindsey Arventos, Director of Client Services and Licensed Sales Assistant

Lindsey loves what she does and it shows. With a classic “can do” personality, Lindsey works closely with the partners to guide clients through the financial planning process with excellent organizational skills and attentiveness to detail. In a busy office, Lindsey is the one who ensures that every “i” gets dotted and every “t” crossed. She’s involved in all aspects of the process, from initial phone meetings with clients to conducting research in support of Pat and Betty Rae. She’s passionate about the company’s personal-touch philosophy, and her friendly demeanor and client expertise strike the ideal balance. A highly energetic person, Lindsey enjoys the ever-changing nature of the business. “Just as no two clients are the same, no two days at BRP|GRENIER look alike,” she says.

Lindsey holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and retail management from Johnson & Wales University. Her household includes her husband, two daughters, one dog, one cat, and a fish. Recently, Lindsey began pounding the pavement as a long-distance runner, and she now has two marathons under her belt. She lives in Monson.