Investment Planning

We’ll present you with a variety of investment options to create a portfolio that reflects your goals.

When we embark on investment planning with our clients, we consider:

Your Timeline

What is the timeline for your short and long term goals? Perhaps you want to set up an investment account that you don’t touch for years. Or perhaps you’re looking to pull out cash from your investments in three years to buy a second home. We’ll guide you to make the best decision based on your timeline.

Your Risk Tolerance

What type of investor are you? Some investments provide higher returns with greater risks. Others offer greater stability but pay modest returns. We’ll help you assess the pros and cons of various investment options.

Your Values

How you choose to invest your money often reflects your values. We’ll steer you through your options, from investing locally to investing globally.

The Market

Your investments go up and down depending on the health of the market. We’ll advise you on a short-term and long-term assessment of the market.

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