Estate Planning

Estate planning is about preserving your legacy and benefitting the next generation.

Our personal approach means we’ll listen to how you wish to leave a financial impact and how you wish to share your wealth. We understand that these conversations include both practical and emotional concerns, and it’s always our goal to bring sensitivity and wisdom to the estate planning process.

As we create an estate plan with you, we consider:

Your Wealth

We’ll assess your assets to understand how much your estate is worth.

Your Wishes

We’ll outline a clear direction to your loved ones and other beneficiaries about how your assets should be allocated. This includes managing trusts, individual assets, treasured possessions, and charitable giving.

Your Documents

We’ll work closely with your attorneys to make sure your estate documents are up-to-date and reflect your wishes. We’ll also ensure that your beneficiary designations are updated, including life insurance policies, retirement plans, and payable-on-death-accounts.

Your Timing

To minimize the amount your estate is taxed, you can offer yearly gifts to your loved ones and beneficiaries. We’ll work with you to see how you can give gifts now while still enjoying the funds you need to live a full life.

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