To Plan or Not to Plan, That is the Question

Today technology has created many “worlds” of opportunity for us.  Choices abound in everything.  Remember when there was only one phone company and a handful of television stations.  There are now many financial choices as well.  We can choose to be prepared for the financial future or we can put the whole situation off.  Oftentimes […]

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Tax Time Again!!

It seems we are constantly paying; discussing and always thinking about the implication(s) taxes have on our lives.  In particular our financial lives. Well, for most of us it is that dreaded time of the year again.  There is very little we can do now to alter our tax liability for 2006.  There still are […]

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Gifts From Uncle Sam, Part II

Uncle Sam deserves another “thank you.” Three additional changes will take place effective after December 31, 2006: The new bill allows for workers to receive investment advice regarding their various company-sponsored options. However, the investment advisor(s) and investment manager(s) must meet certain exemption qualifications. A major provision of the ACT is that it will permit […]

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