BRP / Grenier Approach

In a world of fast-paced financial firms, our approach is uncommon.

We don’t rush people.

We’re not all about numbers.

And we’re focused on the person, not just their investments.

Throughout our years of practice, it has been our experience that the best way to a person’s financial plan is through their heart and mind. Before all else, when we work with you, we will get to know you. Not just your objectives, but your personality, your values and the details of your daily life. These are the most important starting points for planning a secure and rewarding future that will feel like it fits and will carry you where you want to go.

Our approach to advising and investments is based on honesty and trust—traditional values for modern times. This trusting relationship allows us to take a holistic survey of your financial life, with a view to helping you arrive at a financial plan that truly reflects your character, lifestyle and goals.

You will feel at ease with us from the moment you walk into our office in downtown Springfield, where a stunning view of the river reminds us always that life is rich in many ways. Having helped each of our clients enrich their own life, we can assure you that the most important ingredient for your success and satisfaction will not be how much money you have, but how you choose to use it. Our goal is to guide you to create the life you want to live. Start your journey today.